Exciting Announcement!

I am happy to announce that Allen Acupuncture & Wellness is now offering acupuncture injection therapy! These injections are done using a small (traditional) hypodermic needle to give vitamin, saline or homeopathic injections into acupuncture points to stimulate the points, give the body important nutrients, or homeopathic healing. See the “Specialties” listing for Injection Therapy or read the information below:

Injection Therapy: these treatments use sterile vitamin, saline or homeopathic solutions with a traditional hypodermic needle. Vitamin B-12 shots are offered to help boost the immune system–great for cold and flu season. Acupuncture-point injections of saline solution or homeopathic injectables can relieve pain in a faster and deeper way than just acupuncture needles to relieve spasms, stop pain, treat neuralgia, or even start the healing process for muscles, tendons, and tissues injured by trauma or chronic disease. Injectables are fantastic for back or joint pain, digestive problems, weak immune systems, and so many other issues!


I look forward to helping people even more with this additional therapy I am now able to offer! Call 561-922-7535 or fill out the contact form on the sidebar for more information. May you have “Better Health for a Better You!”

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