Allen Acupuncture & Wellness, LLC offers many therapies to help patients heal. If you are nervous about acupuncture, there are options to wellness that do not involve needles. These are some of the amazing and healing therapies used to help patients have “Better Health for a Better You“.

Acupuncture, Acupressure, & Cupping:


Did you know that “acupuncture” isn’t just needles? Acupuncture uses the theories of Oriental Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which can treat the whole person to achieve wellness. It also includes other therapies:

Acupuncture therapy has been around for thousands of years. It uses TINY filiform needles inserted into the skin and/or muscle layer of the body. Generally, the needles don’t hurt. Most patients find acupuncture very relaxing.

Acupuncture is relaxing!

From a Western medical perspective, acupuncture has been proven to increase endorphins, healing chemicals from the immune system, and blood circulation to areas in the body. Certain “points” on the body have even been shown to trigger organ responses in MRI machines. Most of these points are located near important nerve pathways which transmit signals to the brain.

From a traditional medicine perspective, our bodies are made of tissues, chemicals, blood, and fluids that must circulate properly to function. If there is a blockage of proper movement, disease or pain will result. Acupuncture can help restore the balance and flow of our bodies so that our bodies can heal.

Herbal Formulas

Natural substances are wonderful medicines!

Herbal therapy is using plants and natural substances to help the body heal from disease and injury. Herbs can supplement what is lacking from our diets or stressed-out lifestyles, and help release what is stuck in the body.

The herbs are compiled into “formulas” which can be teas or drops to drink as well as pills to take. The formulas have been balanced to limit the side effects, rather than just taking a single supplement from the drugstore. Herbs help improve results with acupuncture because they continue the healing process in between treatments at home.

Allen Acupuncture & Wellness has a full pharmacy of herbs.

Please make sure to communicate what prescription drugs you take during your visit to make sure there will be no prescription/herbal interactions. Allen Acupuncture & Wellness has a full pharmacy of formulas and herbs in the clinic. In addition, I carry probiotics from Microbiome Labs.

Auricular (Ear) Therapy

Swarovski crystals

“Auricular” means “ear”. The nerves on the ear directly connect to the brain, making it a perfect communication tool for regulating pain, hormones, organ imbalances, etc… Therapies include electric stimulation (no needles), acupuncture, laser, and ear “seeds” you can wear to continue healing between treatments. Patients love the new ear seeds available, made from Swarovski crystals!

What can ear therapy treat?

  • PTSD
  • Drug/Alcohol addiction
  • Anxiety/Heart palpitations
  • Hormone imbalances/Infertility/Menstrual issues
  • Pain anywhere in the body
  • Overeating/Weight Control
  • Asthma/Allergies
  • Digestive Disorders

The list goes on… Check out this interesting article about the history of Auricular or Ear Acupuncture and how it is evidence-based medicine.

Food Therapy & Lifestyle Management

Let Food be Your Medicine!

Making food and lifestyle choices that benefit the body is a difficult task, especially with opinions coming from every side. Many patients have a list of “good” and “bad” foods, and want to eat “healthy.”

Food therapy is not about “good” or “bad” foods, but rather which foods are best for YOU. Food therapy can help you eat to prevent or treat disease, supplement what is lacking in the body, and bring you back into balance. In Oriental Medicine, it’s not about carbs or counting calories, it’s about making food choices that benefit YOU and what you’re dealing with in YOUR body. For weight loss, it is necessary to improve digestion and nutrient absorption, and eliminate vitamin/nutrient sensitivities so that patients feel GOOD when they eat HEALTY.

Lifestyle has a big impact on health.

Lifestyle choices make a huge impact on health as well. Whether it’s bad habits you want to break or wanting to discover how your body was meant to function, you can make life-giving choices that extend life and bring you better health!

Acu-point Injection Therapy

Acu-point injections

This add-on injection therapy uses vitamin, saline or homeopathic solutions with a traditional hypodermic needle. Vitamin B-12 shots are offered to support the immune system–great for cold and flu season–and increase energy. Acupuncture-point injections of saline solution or homeopathic injectables can relieve pain in a faster and deeper way than just acupuncture needles. This helps relieve spasms and stop pain. The injections can even start the healing process for muscles, tendons, and tissues injured by trauma or chronic disease. Injectables are fantastic for back or joint pain, digestive problems, weak immune systems, and so many other issues!

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